支払いはクレジットカード(MC or VISA)で、簡単です

IPPNW 定期購読者(一部のみの定期購読も可能)が受け取る出版物は

    2 issues of IPPNW’s newsletter Vital Signs
    2 issues of IPPNW’s Nuclear Weapons Convention Monitor
    2 copy of each new edition in IPPNW’s Global Health Watch book series



In addition, you will be entitled to a discount on the purchase of new and existing IPPNW publications, such as Nuclear Wastelands and Plutonium: Deadly Gold of the Nuclear Age, and well as to receive notification of IPPNW Regional Meetings and World Congresses. (IPPNW’s next World Congress will be held in Washington, D.C. from 1-5 May 2002. You will receive further details as plans develop.)

By becoming an IPPNW Subscriber, you and your colleagues are guaranteed direct access to our publications and information. Indeed, it is the most effective way to stay consistently informed about the work of IPPNW.

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 FAX の仕方:日本国内からは 001(KDD), 0061(IDC), 0041(日本テレコム) のいずれかをダイアル後、
 続いて 1−617−868−2560 をダイアルしてください

雑誌の内容等に関する問い合わせは直接 IPPNW事務局(ippnwbos@ippnw.org) まで